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Sunday, August 24, 2014

What cakes?!?

We have a deal in our house: Hubby does a big grocery shop on Sunday and I do a smaller one during the week. Grocery shopping is not my favorite chore, so I really like this arrangement. Except the part where I have to do the mini shop. I know that it is what is fair, I have the time during the weekdays and Hubby does not. None the less, I tend to put it off until we are down to our last drop of milk and brown banana.

Last Friday night I stopped off at the store on my way home, because that is the exact situation we were in. I picked up everything we needed and headed to the checkout. The slowest moving checkout in the world. So as I stood, I perused the magazine rack, as one does. And this is what I saw:

What cakes?!?
Please, please, don't tell me what a dump cake really is. I have an image in my head that is both hilarious and disgusting and that is how I want to keep it.

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