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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Helpful Online Info

The internet contains a wealth of information. You can watch a video, read an article or find a blog on pretty much any topic.

Adoption is no exception.

I don't always agree with everything I read, some stuff can be real head-shaking-news IMO. But I have read things that have made me feel normal. Like I'm not crazy or terrible or weird, I am just human.

Here is some online info I have found particularly interesting/helpful/calming:

What you should know: http://empoweredtoconnect.org/what-every-adoptive-parent-should-know/
What I wish I knew: http://www.scarymommy.com/things-i-wish-i-had-known-before-adopting/
Trauma: http://tarabradford.net/archives/2396 and http://tarabradford.net/archives/2430
What not to do: http://www.thecorkums.com/2014/04/02/what-not-to-do-in-older-child-adoption/#sthash.efxByy9Y.dpbs
What adoptees wont tell you: http://www.adoption.net/adoptive-parents/node/25537
Responding to behaviour: https://www.adoption.on.ca/adoption-blog/post/138/The-Curious-Parent
First moms: http://heartmindandseoul.typepad.com/weblog/2010/01/your-an-adoptive-parent-to-3-beautiful-children-unexpectedly-you-find-out-that-you-are-pregnant---something-you-and-your-pa.html
Adopting and your spousal relationship: http://www.stellarparenting.com/?p=230
Post Orphanage Behaviour: http://www.bgcenter.com/BGPublications/OrphanageBehavior.htm
Understanding attachment in young children: http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/yf/famsci/fs617.pdf

If you have any suggestions for online info I should check out, please let me know!

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