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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mama Bear Spa Day

Last week I reached a new record of going 4 (or was it 5...) days without washing my hair. Buddy was in his last week of summer camp and I had to get him up, fed, dressed, packed up and at the bus by 8:15. The bus was notoriously inconsistent for pick-up time and most days we rolled into the parking lot to find the bus waiting for stragglers (i.e. us). Did I mention I would be in my PJ's at minimum 97% of the time?

When I would get home I had to shower, dress, make my coffee, breakfast, lunch, put the dogs out, tidy up, throw in a load of laundry and so on and so forth before rushing out the door for work. Hair washing was not high on my list of priorities. Thank goodness for high buns and dry shampoo.

Day 4, would you know if I didn't tell you?
On Labor Day, Hubby and Buddy decided to go with a couple of Buddy's friends to a nearby skate park for a few hours. I seized the opportunity to not only wash my hair, but also take a bath, give my hair a deep condition, put on a face mask, exfoliate, shave my legs and slather on what Hubby affectionately calls my "lotions and potions."

I love my family and wouldn't change the "hecticness" of my life over the past year for anything. But I am so thankful for time I can spend pampering myself.

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