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Friday, October 3, 2014

Late Night Confessions

I have to pee in the middle of the night every night, at least once. I promised Buddy pretty early on that any time I get up to pee I will check on him. Buddy has never slept alone and he is not a big of being all by himself even though Hubby and I are just down the hall.

Usually when I stick my head in Buddy's room in the middle of the night he is fast asleep, snoring softly. Sometimes he is talking in his sleep and if he sounds distressed I tuck him in again and he quiets down. He is almost never awake. The other night, I was greeted by a cheerful "Hi!" and a wave when I checked on him. Do you remember I mentioned over-cheerfulness signals something is up? So I walked into his room, got into bed and wrapped my arms around him. He snuggled in and I was just nodding off when he said, "Can I tell you something?"

Apparently Buddy's class had been outside for "free time" with his teacher when Buddy started goofing around and doing something he wasn't supposed to do. His teacher, Mr. Black, simply said "Ok Buddy, what do you want to miss, gym or computer class?" These are Buddy's favorite subjects, and it was Mr. Black's way of telling Buddy that bad choices have consequences.

Poor Buddy was worried he was going to get in trouble at home, too. When he first started school, he had a teacher just out of college and her "communications" book turned into a bit of a "tattle" book. I fully support the people who educate my son, but I don't need to hear about every little misbehavior.

I thanked Buddy for being honest, said I was proud of him for being brave enough to tell me and reassured him that school trouble stays at school unless there is a big problem. With that, Buddy gave me a kiss, threw my arm over his body and went straight to sleep.

A year ago, Buddy never would have admitted to getting in trouble. I am amazed what a little time and a lot of love can do.

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