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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Middle of the Class

Last year in Buddy's class the students were broken up into 5 groups based on their ability. The academically stronger students spent language arts with Mr. Black and the others got more individual attention from a lovely woman who was the classes educational assistant. Buddy was one of the latter, which made sense given he was new to English.

This year, Buddy is in the same classroom with the same teacher, but the EA has been moved to a class where there is a greater need for her. Since there is no EA in his class, Buddy needs to be more independent. We completely support this, because being responsible for himself is something that Buddy struggles with and the practice is good for him in preparation for going to a new school next year.

So far, Buddy has been doing really well. He has remembered his homework and agenda every day and only forgot his lunch kit once (in the gym after inter-mural soccer, so hard to blame him since he had just scored 4 goals and lead his team to victory!). He is doing his homework mostly independently and overall has a good attitude while doing it. He has also started making his own lunch and picking all his own school outfits. For anyone who has adopted an older international child, you know how big that is.

This morning over breakfast we were taking about an upcoming spelling test. I asked Buddy, in passing, how many groups were in Mr. Black's class and he said there are three. I asked which group he was in, and he replied the middle one. The MIDDLE one! That means that Buddy is in the middle of the pack, which is extraordinary given everything.

You better believe I praised the crap out of him. I told him how proud I was and he was honestly surprised. He is used to getting yelled at or hit for bad behavior but not used to praise for working hard. He laughed off my gushing, but I could see from his body language that he was so pleased to get the positive attention.

I am so proud of my Sweet Boy for all his dedication and continued hard work!

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