Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why Did We Adopt Part 1 - Why did we adopt?

When someone (especially someone I don't know very well) asks me why we decided to adopt, I simply reply if they need to ask then adoption is probably not for them. How many biological parents are questioned about when they decide to have a baby? The inappropriate and very personal questions about our adoption never cease to amaze me.

But of course, we did have our reasons.

Hubby and I met, dated, got engaged and married in our twenties. When our other married friends began having children, Hubby went back to school and I became the sole bread-winner of the family. We got a dog, then another dog. Hubby started his new career. I had some health issues that required a couple of pretty intense surgeries. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, followed by my Grandpa. My Mom needed to have her hips replaced. My Grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We had a lot of life going on and kids just didn't fit into our picture.

Once we reached our thirties, we began to feel the itch to grow our family. But after my health problems, we didn't want to think about getting pregnant until I checked with my (many) doctors. I was referred to a OB/GYN who specializes in high risk pregnancies and she green-lighted the idea of us trying at the first appointment.  She did caution that there are never any fertility guarantees but that there was nothing in my medical history to indicate I would have an issue.

So, Hubby and I sat down and had a serious conversation about what we felt the right move was. And after a lot of thought and deliberation both individually and as a couple we decided that we didn't feel that having a baby was the road we were meant to take. My past health issues were a factor, but not the whole story. There was something more that we couldn't quite put our finger on. We wouldn't figure out what that was until much later.

We had discussed adoption, but never in much depth. We decided to give that option some serious thought.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Why did we adopt an older child...

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