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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Top 10 Memories

So much good stuff happened in 2014. It was my first full year of motherhood, and Buddy's first full year as a part of our family. As hard as it was for me to narrow it down to my top 10 moments, these are some of the memories that I will cherish for the rest of my days. In no particular order:


I grew up on the slopes. My Dad taught us how to ski at a very young age and every weekend we would go down-hill skiing. I had the pleasure of taking my boys on a downhill skiing/snowboarding vacation in 2014 where they both got to have the same type of experience. We had so much fun together and I can hardly wait to do it again this winter.

Blue Hair:

Buddy had been wanting to dye his hair for ages. As a reward for doing well in school, we let him dye his hair blue. Actually, I did it for him. I remember wanting to dye my hair as a kid, and finally sneaking off and doing it on my own. The results were less than glamorous. I didn't want the same thing to happen to Buddy. He had blue hair all summer long and we got some weird looks, but I actually think it was pretty cool.

Soccer Mom:

2014 was the year I became a soccer Mom. Buddy loves soccer and had never been on a team before, so he was excited to join our local community club team. He grew so much during the season and went from unsure and tentative, to overly pushy, to a great team player. I was so proud to be the Mom whose kid scored the game winning goal in the final match. Not that winning was the point, but I still felt pretty special.

The Fair:

Every year the fair comes to town. My parents used to take me when I was little and we would ride all the rides, eat mini doughnuts and come home dirty and exhausted. It was awesome! Hubby is terrified of rides, so for a long time I had no reason to go. Until 2014. Buddy loves rides. The only ride that Hubby likes is the bumper cars, which I can't stand. But guess who loves them too: Buddy! We road all the rides, ate mini doughnuts and came home dirty and exhausted. It was awesome!

Going Home:

Buddy and I took a road trip to where I grew up in the summer of 2014. He met so many of my friends and family members, got to go canoeing, hiking, climbing, shoot guns, and see animals in the wild. One of my favorite memories is a late night walk down in the country we took together. The trees were all around us, there was no sound except the crunch of gravel under our shoes, and overhead the sky was full of beautiful stars. Buddy marveled that there must have been about a billion million of them. I think he was probably right.

Metcha One Year Anniversary:

We chose not to celebrate "gotcha" day, because leaving his orphanage was a sad day for Buddy. Instead, we decided to mark our "metcha" day as one to celebrate. We went out for dinner and bought Buddy a Hot Wheels car, which was the first gift we ever gave him. He thought it was pretty cool that we remembered it, down to the make and model. As our waitress was taking our picture, Buddy leaned over and gave me an impromptu kiss on the cheek. That is something I will never forget, and I can't believe she actually caught it! I love my Sweet Boy.

Family Photo Shoot:

I have never been a big fan of posed pictures, but I have a friend who is a photographer. She takes such lovely photos that I was convinced to get ours done as a family, dogs included. She managed to take some beautiful shots in under 30 minutes and we had a blast doing it. Buddy was not a fan of the idea, but as we drove away he commented on how much fun it was to have our pictures done. Now I just need to get them framed and hung...


Honestly, last year Buddy had no idea what was going on at Halloween. He had seen it in movies, so he had a basic idea, but Hubby had to take him to each door and say "trick or treat" for him. I remember trick or treating with friends when I was his age and having so much fun. This year, Buddy got to have the same experience when he went with one of his friends from the neighborhood. Hubby kept an eye on them (from an acceptable distance) while I handed out candy. Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out.

Buddy's Birthday Trip:

I blogged not too long ago about Buddy's birthday trip to a hotel/water park. It was especially exciting because it was the first time Buddy was eager to spend a night away from home. Normally he is nervous to be in a new place and often has to sleep in the same bed as us. This time, he was excited for #1: the water park, #2: playing Play Station (which was in his room) and #3: staying in a hotel. My baby is growing up!

Our Second Christmas:

Just like Halloween, Buddy didn't really know what was going on last year at Christmas. He wasn't fluent in English yet, and a lot of our explanations went over his head. This year, he remembered things like decorating the tree and picking out a new family ornament. He happily watched Christmas movies and helped wrap presents. For me, the best part was seeing my family forming Christmas traditions that are unique to us. It makes the season a little bit more special.

Those are my top 10 memories of 2014. There are so many more that I can't really, truly say these are the best ones, but they stick out the most.

I hope you had a great 2014!

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