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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


One of my tweeps, @TheFamilyofFive, started a daily photo challenge and invited others to join in. I thought it was a great idea, so for 30 days I tweeted one photo a day based on the challenge outline. I thought I would give you the overview of my month. Thanks to the Family of 5's Journey for starting this! It was a lot of fun seeing everyone's pictures.

If you want to check out the original tweets, hit me up on Twitter @MamaBearPAL.

Day #1: You
Day 2: Breakfast. I eat like a child... Except the coffeeDay #3: something you adore. Of course it's my #family so much #love for them!
Day 4: Letterbox
Day 5: something you wore. 3 heart (for my family) and key (1st gift from Buddy) necklace charms #family
Day 6: makes you smile. A boy and his dog. #FurryFriends are the best

Day 7: Favorite: Soup. Spicy vegetarian Thai tom yum. #delicious
Day 8: Your Sky: grey and snowy, gonna be a #WhiteChristmas
Day 9: Daily Routine. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Like manna from heaven
Day 10: Childhood. First bear, word, friend. Been with me through everything
Day 11: Where you Sleep. Mine is the left side. Always has been, always will be
Day 12: closeup. This close enough for ya!

Day 13: in your bag. Everything but the kitchen sink.
Day 14: something you are reading. Social Skills 101 #adoption
Day 15: Happiness. One of the best, happiest days of my life. #wedding #inlove
Day 16: Morning. Buddy and Grem catching a few last minute #zzz. #FurryFriend
Day 17: Water. Childhood summer spot. #family #memories
Day 18: Something you bought. Sushi for 1. Post-Christmas shopping tradition. Yum!

Day 19: Sweet. Butterscotch and sea salt chocolate bar. Even sweeter because it's #fairtrade
Day 20: Someone you love. My Dad. I'm lucky to have had him raise me. http://bit.ly/1yMqq7V
Day 21: Reflection. From our babymoon before we #adopted Buddy.
Day 22: Your Shoes. I can't walk in either pair and yet I have no buyers remorse.
Day 23: Something Old. Great-aunt's chest, now Buddy's toybox. Like to think it makes the "spinster" happy.
Day 24: Guilt Pleasure. I don't wear much #makeup , yet I do love to look at it.

Day 25: Something you Made. #DIY #AdventCalendar http://bit.ly/1D4GHvm
Day 26: Colour. This past weekend's birthday celebration. #waterslide
Day 27: Lunch. #working lunch: Salad, water, yogurt, mandarin & many chocolates gifted from an associate
Day 28: Light. This ornament from 4th grade has always been a fav. It's one of Buddy's favs now, too.
Day 29: Inside your Fridge. We are lucky to have so much.
Day 30: Nature. Hubby and I canoeing back in our courting days.
Day 31: You. Again. #MerryChristmas everyone, this was fun!

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