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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

He looks just like...

Ever since we shared the first picture of Buddy with friends and family, people have been telling us how much we look alike. In some ways, I suppose it is true. He does resemble Hubby when he was young. We all share an ethnic background in common, so it makes sense that we would have similar features. Sometimes total strangers even comment that we look alike, to which I simply reply "Thank you!"

On top of basic looks, Buddy has picked up on some of our mannerisms, and we some of his. We were watching TV last night and I looked down and saw we all had our legs crossed and feet propped up on the coffee table the exact same way. We all use a lot of the same turns of phrases and now share similar clothing styles, mostly because I buy all Buddy's clothes and used to do so for Hubby as well.

I look exactly like my Mom. You get an old picture of her out and compare and it is kind of creepy how much we resemble each other. My brother, not so much. People have been surprised to find out that we are siblings because we don't really look alike at all. We have differently colored hair and eyes, plus he is a giant and I am a shrimp. But you know what, my Mom loves us equally. Because a parent doesn't care what (or who) their child looks like.
Shrimpy me and my big-sized little-brother
Buddy has said that if he had been fat or if he looked older we probably wouldn't have adopted him. I have told him time and time again that we adopted him because when we saw his picture we knew it was meant to be. It didn't matter that Buddy was the cutest kid I had ever seen (which he was). His physical appearance, or if he resembled us, really didn't factor in.

So, thank you very much for saying how much Buddy resembles Hubby and I. I know what you are trying to say, that we look like a family, and I appreciate it. But the person who Buddy really looks like is Buddy. And I wouldn't change a hair on his head to have him look any different.

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