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Monday, January 26, 2015

Buddy on Ice

Buddy is a very energetic kid. He gets restless if he doesn't have a chance to be physically active and blow off steam.

In the summer time, this was pretty easy to handle. He wanted to play soccer, which we eagerly signed him up for. He was excited to have a bike, skateboard and scooter of his own and would amuse himself for hours. We could take him to my Mom's house to swim in her pool. Plus, we were happy to do outdoor family activities in the warm summer weather.

In the winter, things were a little bit more difficult. It gets really cold here and last year was particularly brutal. We couldn't just send him outside to play. He took swimming and yoga lessons, but he didn't particularly care for either.

This fall, we decided to find another activity for Buddy. Hubby thought indoor soccer would be good. I was pushing for boy's gymnastics. Buddy didn't like the sound of either and was pretty vocal about it. He would whine and complain every time we brought up the subject.

Finally, after listening to him lament for the millionth time, we told him he had to do something over the winter but if we were open to suggestions. Off the top of his head he told us he wanted to take ice-skating lessons.

We had never considered skating, which is actually strange because it is a very popular here. But Buddy had never been ice-skating before, it wasn't even an option before we adopted him. Regardless, we decided to let him give it a go.

Buddy is naturally athletic, but ice-skating didn't come easily to him. He spent his first lesson doing what resembled to be an impression of Bambi on ice. But, when it comes to sports, Buddy goes all out regardless of his skill level. Every time he fell, he picked himself. Every time he struggled with his technique, he kept pushing.

Buddy started walking to the outdoor rink at the end of our block during his free time. Even when it was frigid outside he was eager to lace up his skates. He kept improving and we could see the difference with each weekly lesson.

Then a note came home from school that Buddy's teacher, Mr. Black, was starting up a speed skating team. In order to make the team, students had to try out and qualify. Lots of kids who had been skating for much longer than Buddy were planning on trying out.

Buddy started practicing even more, skating around the rink over and over. Despite only having been skating for a couple of months, he made the team.

Sometimes I focus too much on the skills Buddy lacks. It is times like these that remind me of the qualities he does possesses. Determination, focus, drive. They are innately in his nature, I can claim no bragging rights.

I can, however, be the cheerleader he has never had. It is a role I'm proud to fill.


  1. Well done on making the team Buddy! Great to read such a positive post, thanks for sharing it on #WASO x

  2. Thanks, I'm so glad to have something positive to share!