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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Swar and Grem get BarkBox

For Christmas this year, Hubby's brother and sister-in-law gave Swar and Grem a three month subscription to BarkBox. Each month they will get a box in the mail with at least four products – from toys and treats to hygiene products to new gadgets.


We received our first box at the end of January. It contained:

Petmate Chef Heggies: Made just for BarkBox, this toy is a big favorite of Grems. Also, since the body crinkles instead of squeaks, it's great for the humans in our family too. $9

Feel Good Treat Company Slow Roasted Rosemary Turducken treats: These are perfect for Swar, who doesn't have all his teeth any more. They are gluten-free, not that it really matters to us. $6

Petsafe Squeak 'n Treat Booya: A heavy duty squeaker kibble dispensing toy. We have tried these in the past without much success, but they are good to have around for when the dogs need to be distracted. $6

Barksworthies Junior Bully Stick: Swar can't have bully sticks any more because he tries to swallow them whole, resulting in choking. I'm not sure if we will give it to Grem, since the dogs tend to fight if one has food an the other doesn't. $3

Diggin' Your Dog Charki-O's: This is a freeze dried beef trachea topped with liver sprinkles. Just the idea and look of it revolts me, so I don't think we will even open this one. $3

Overall, there was $27 worth of dog treats and toys in Swar and Grem's BarkBox. Of that, they were really excited about the toy and the Turducken treats. The Booya they could take or left. I don't think we will get any use out of the bully stick or dried trachea, but we can probably donate them to the local SPCA.

So, all in all, we will get good use out of $15 worth of products. The cost of a BarkBox pupscription is:

Twelve month plan = $219! This breaks down to about $18 a month.
Six month plan = $126. This breaks down to about $21 a month.
Three month plan = $72. This breaks down to $24 a month.
One month plan = $29 per month.

BarkBox donates 10% of proceeds to dog rescues and shelters.

The featured BarkBox coupon codes of the month of February is: BBFF10PCTOFFXY which gets you 10% off any new BarkBox subscription. Visit BarkBox.com for more details.

As for us, we are undecided at this point if we will extend our subscription once the 3 months are up.

This is NOT a sponsored post

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