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Monday, February 9, 2015

#TakingCare100 Days 11-30

Here are the next 20 days of the Twitter #TakingCare100 photo challenge I'm taking part in, you can see my first 10 days here. This challenge was started by Three Pink Diamonds and a Blue Sappire and is a take on the 100 Happy Days photo challenge.

These are the little things that have made me happy over those 10 days. All captions are clockwise from the top left.
Day 11: Despite being down 2 assistants I got through everything I had to at work. Empty wall = proof.

Day 12: I used a new hair mask today. Now you almost can't tell I haven't cut my hair in months.

Day 13: Buddy reading by choice. I never thought I'd see the day. #ProudMamaMoment

Day 14: I'm on simultaneous Mom & work duty. Buddy's doing homework independently. Miracles do happen.

Day 15: #MovieNight with the family. Be prepared for this to be my pic topic every Friday!

Day 16: We're visiting my Mom. This is her dog. She's ridiculous.

Day 17: Book, coffee and a cuddly Grem. I wish all mornings could be more like this one was.

Day 18: Today I ate a grapple. It's an apple that tastes like a grape. Basically fairytale food. Yum.

Day 19: it's only -1 at 10:30 PM on January 27th. If that doesn't make you happy, you are spoiled.

Day 20: Morning selfie session with Buddy before school. I love this crazy, funny, sweet boy so much!

Day 21: weekend work conference starting tomorrow. So tonight I'm having a break

Day 22: Long day of meetings in uncomfortable shoes. Glad to be home in my slippers for movie night.

Day 23: after an 8+ hour day, Hubby made one of my childhood favourite meals. He's a good man.

Day 24: Youth group activity night means Hubby and I get our own dinner and movie night. #SundayFunday

Day 25: Hockey on TV means I can spend my evening blissfully uninterrupted.

Day 26: Both assistants back so I finally tackled a literal mountain of work I hadn't had time for.

Day 27: An evening at the museum. A cultural event for the history Buddy, Hubby & I share.

Day 28: You can't imagine the foolishness that lead to this. Love my crazy family!

Day 29: Family takeout and #movienight. What I look forward to all week. #TGIF

Day 30: at the ballet with Buddy. 1 minute until curtain!
There's no official start date, so if you're into tweeting join us in the #TakingCare100 photo challenge. If you aren't following me on Twitter you can find me at @MamaBearPAL.

What are you doing to Take Care?

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