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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Best Spelling Practice

This weekend felt really long. It was my annual three-day work conference which started Friday morning and ended Sunday afternoon.

I missed all our regular family activities. Friday take out and movie night, Sunday skating lessons and everything in between. Sometimes I complain about my family but being away this weekend made me appreciate the time I normally get to spend with my boys.

Buddy was getting ready for bed on Saturday night and I was sitting in the living room decompressing after a long day of meetings. He came out of his room and said "Mama, can I give you a H-U-G."

As I wrapped my arms around him, he looked up at me and said "Did I spell hug right?" Of all the activities we have done to try and make learning fun and engaging, that hug was by far my favorite.

He nestled into my arms and I heard him whisper, so quietly I almost didn't hear, "I love you so much."

I love you so much, too, Buddy.

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