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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Big Dance

Buddy went to his first dance this past weekend.

Beforehand, he had expressed concern that he didn't know how to dance "for real." Hubby gave him a crash course in how to dance with a girl, including where to and not to put your hands. My contribution was showing him how to do the Running Man, the Sprinkler and the Hammer. Oh '90s, your dance moves were truly awful! 

The night of, Buddy carefully picked out his outfit and styled his hair. He was really excited up until right before it was time to go when his nerves started to kick in. I was so impressed that he admitted to being nervous when I asked him how he was doing. I told him I always felt a bit scared before school dances when I was his age, which seemed to make him feel a bit better. 

Buddy didn't want to be the first one there so Hubby dropped him off shortly after the dance started. He met one of his best friends in line to get into the community club and that took care of his jitters.

Hubby and I passed the time at home watching Dexter (which we are hoping to finish by 2016) and wondering if Buddy would dance with a girl. We both had our money on yes.

Hubby picked Buddy up a couple of hours later and it turned out we were wrong. Buddy said the kids danced in groups, not as couples. I can't say that I was disappointing. 

Buddy had a really fun time. Lots of kids from his school were there and he ran into a few other boys he knows from various extra curricular activities. He said the next time the community club hosts a dance he wants to go again.

I'm glad Buddy had the opportunity to try something different and impressed that he was able to stay regulated when he was in a new situation.

My baby boy is growing up!

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