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Friday, March 13, 2015

Keep Adam Home

Adam Crapser's story is not an easy one to hear.

In 1979, at four years old, Adam arrived in the United States from Korea with his biological sister. They were adopted into an abusive family who relinquished their parental rights five years later.

The children were separated and Adam was sent to live in a group home. He was later adopted by another abusive family. His adoptive parents were arrested and convicted of physical and sexual abuse five years later in 1991.

As if all of this wasn't bad enough, neither family completed the boys naturalization papers.

Until 2000, American citizenship was not automatically given to internationally adopted children when they arrived in the US. Adoptees were required to complete the same immigration process as any other person arriving into the country.

If, for whatever reason, the adoptive family failed to do so, the child would become what is called an "undocumented American". This obviously would cause a great deal of trouble once the child becomes an adult.

This brings Adam to where he is today. He survived unspeakable horrors and came out the other side. He has had a hard life and made some bad choices, but he is a man with a wife and three children, plus one on the way, who has spent almost his whole life in the United States. It's the country he calls home.

Because his naturalization papers were never completed, Adam Crapser has a deportation hearing on April 2 to determine if he will be forced to return to Korea.

This man has gone through so much, so young and so very little was done to keep him safe. We, as a collective group of adoptive families, owe him the right to stay with his family. His children deserve to grow up with their father.

What can you do? 

Contact your local elected representatives and ask them to sponsor the amendment to the Child Citizenship Act (CCA) that would allow it to apply to transnational adoptees currently living in America as adults, like Adam.

Sign the petition to Raphael Sanchez at the Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC), the office that prosecutes immigrants before the Immigration Court.

Raise awareness on social media with the hashtag #KeepAdamHome

Read more about Adam's story here.

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  1. Application for adopted child citizenship should be required document for the international adopt process. I don't know why adopting process was not done by agency. If it was not done by adoption process, it may happen to many children also. I heard that same story that one old lady didn't know she didn't have the citizenship, until she apply for her deceased husband Social benefit.