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Friday, March 27, 2015

#TakingCare100 Days 51-75

I'm nearing the end of my time in the Twitter #TakingCare100 photo challenge. Click here, here and here if you'd like to see my first three posts on this adoptive parent take on 100 Happy Days that was started by Three Pink Diamonds and a Blue Sapphire.

I'm a bit sad to be coming to the end, but it is a lot of fun to look back on the last 25 days and see the little things that have highlighted my days.

All captions are clockwise from the top left.

Day 51: Felt inspired by #alexvause today when putting on eyeliner. #OrangeIsTheNewBlack

Day 52: Buddy made me breakfast this morning. A very nice way to start the day.

Day 53: First ever business trip on the company plane. Travelled ~1300 km and home in time for dinner.

Day 54: Studying was contentious but it paid off. We now have a certified babysitter in the house!

Day 55: A Night out at the ballet to see Swan Lake with my Mom.

Day 56: Hanging out with Hubby at the professional skating arena for Buddy's speed skate finals.

Day 57: Classic American food and #BigHero6 for tonight's family #TGIF tradition #MovieNight

Day 58: Saturday home #Mani with @essie Good Morning Hope and @FormulaXNail Aurora.

Day 59: wine of the month from my monthly wine subscription.

Day 60: ending the day with an ice cream sandwich from bed. #MondayTreat

Day 61: Unplugged & had a home spa night. Sheet masks feel good but they look terrifying!

Day 62: ~3 years after I accepted my position, I've finally cleared out the previous person's desk.

Day 63: My half of the bag is packed for our weekend ski trip. Just waiting for Hubby to do his half.

Day 64: My tech's away, but I have a free assistant because of a school in-service day.

Day 65: This is the oddest hotel room ever. 2 king beds, a sofa facing them & a jacuzzi in the corner.

Day 66: Clear skies for the drive home from the hill. Good view to end a relatively good weekend.

Day 67: Never too old to play in the puddles. #springtime #youngatheart

Day 68: Early bedtime for Buddy means I can finally organize having some pictures from 2014 developed.

Day 69: Started planning what to pack for spring break. Love my lists! 10 days until #DisneyWorld

Day 70: First time out #skateboarding this year. Beautiful evening to be outside.

Day 71: Buddy is sleeping at Gramma's so Hubby and I can see The Book of Mormon.

Day 72: Fun day out with other adoptive families at the roller rink. I only fell once!

Day 73: a moment of quiet at the end of a busy day. Tea, chocolate and a book. And now off to sleep.

Day 74: they drive me crazy some days, but I love to watch Buddy and Grem play. They love each other.

Day 75: as much as I hate to admit it, this wretched snow dump is unbelievably beautiful. #spring

If you tweet and you want to join in, go for it! Just because I'm almost done doesn't mean you can't get started! Join us by using the hashtag #TakingCare100. And, shameless Twitter plug, you can follow me at @MamaBearPAL.

What are the little things that are making you happy?