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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sending a Package: Private and Confidential

We sent a package off to Buddy's former orphanage a few weeks ago. We've done this a couple of times a year since we adopted him in 2013. On top of clothes, toys, school supplies and hygiene items, we always send pictures of Buddy and our family. It's a nice way to keep in touch with Buddy's friends.

We ship the boxes through a local business that regularly sends supplies to Buddy's home country for relief efforts. They are kind enough to give us a good shipping rate and help us fill out customs paperwork.

The owner of the business is a friendly, no nonsense man and it's a pleasure to deal with him. He is always very eager to help us with our "charity activity." As he was combining two of our boxes into one to save us $6, we started chatting about the region we were shipping to.

He asked us if we had ever visited the area. I am pretty sure he has a good idea that Buddy is from the orphanage, but he is kind enough not to ask us directly. Buddy, who was standing beside me, leaned into me and whispered, "No, no, no."

Buddy used to hide the fact that he was adopted any way he could. Now, it seems what he wants is not to lead interactions with every random person we meet with the fact that we are an adoptive family. He doesn't think we should volunteer that information right off the bat for no good reason because it isn't necessary.

Fair enough.

Buddy is a lot of things. He is bright, funny and full of energy. He is stubborn, picky and messy. And a million, billion other things as well. How would a person find these things out? By getting to know him, of course. Same with the fact that he is adopted.

So I replied that yes, we had visited the town our package was going to, and moved the conversation on to another topic.

Buddy is a lot of things, and no one thing alone defines him. Including being and adoptee.

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