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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day at the Fair

Every year the fair comes to town. My parents used to take my step-sisters, brother and I when we were little and we would ride all the rides, eat mini doughnuts and come home dirty and exhausted. 

It was awesome! 

Hubby is terrified of rides, so for a long time I had no reason to go. Until last year. 

Buddy loves rides. The only ride that Hubby likes is the bumper cars, which I can't stand. But guess who loves them too: Buddy! 

Going to the fair was one of my top 10 moments of 2014. 

This past weekend, we went again. We road all the rides, ate mini doughnuts and came home dirty and exhausted. 

It was awesome!

The view from the ferris wheel
The Mega Drop
The Ring of Fire
The Swing Tower
Hubby trying his luck at the midway games
Buddy walking on water in a WOW Bubble

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