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Friday, June 12, 2015

Why You Should Know CPR

Yesterday I spent 8 hours in class - first-aid class, that is.

Ever since university I've been a certified first-aider. To maintain my certificate, I take a refresher class every three year. It requires a day spent watching videos, listening to lectures and doing practical work on both fellow students and dummies. And a multiple choice test at the end of it all.

I started doing first-aid training because it was required by my faculty, then because it looked good on a resume, and finally to maintain professional expanded-scope certification. But most recently, I've wanted to have it for an even more important reason.


I think every parent should be certified in first-aid.

In the course of the 8 hour class, we learned CPR, abdominal compressions (aka the Heimlich maneuver), how to clean and dress a wound, stop a severe bleeding, and treat burns, anaphylaxis and shock.

I'm not an expert in first aid by any means. But the course makes me feel more confident that I can deal with emergency situations. Now that I'm a Mom, it's that much more important to me.

The chance that I will ever need to use CPR is pretty slim. But the thing with CPR (and other first-aid skills) is that if I do need ever them, it may very well be because someone I love is in distress.

That's definitely worth 8 hours of my time.

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