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Monday, July 6, 2015

Google Chromecast Media Player Review

In my very first post, I talked about how much I love TV but that we have cancelled most of our channels and I rarely have time for it anymore. Since then, I have discovered the beauty of Netflix. Well, actually my Mom has gotten herself a subscription and allowed me to piggy-back.

The wonderful thing about Netflix is that I can watch on my phone when I have a moment. The thing that isn't so great is that sometimes we want to watch as a family. While I have a relatively large phone and a great laptop, neither is conducive to Friday night family take-out and movie night.

For my birthday this year, Hubby bought me a Google Chromecast Media Player. By plugging it into the HDMI input in our TV and installing the Chromecast app on my phone and laptop, I can view my favorite online content on my TV.

Besides working for Netflix, YouTube and more, I love that I can use my phone as a controller. This means I can put something on for Buddy, walk away and know that he will not be tempted to click away and get himself into trouble.

Ours was about $40 on Amazon (US, Canadian and UK versions are available). For our family it's well worth the cost.

*This is not a sponsored post

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