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Friday, September 5, 2014

First Day of School

Everyone has a first day
When they feel sad and all alone
It can be scary
When you are on your own
And I know that a first day
Can be full of doubts and fears
But they are full of new beginnings
Take my hankie, dry your tears

You'll find lots of things to do
And you'll probably make new friends

I promise we'll be together
When the school day ends

Here comes the teacher

Blow your nose and be brave
Come on now and wipe your eyes
This is no way to behave

Well, Good Morning, Teacher

We really do beg your pardon
No, Mommy doesn't always act this way
But it's my first day of Kindergarten!

Buddy didn't start kindergarten this year, but it was his first "first day" of school since being part of our family. 

He started school mid-year last year and we had some bumps in the road. We are very lucky to have ended up at a school that is close to our home, small enough so Buddy isn't overwhelmed and very diverse and multicultural. Buddy also has an amazing teacher, the same man that taught him last year. I am really optimistic that Buddy is going to have an awesome year.

And he's off...
He was nervous but very brave that first morning. I was so proud to watch him go off with all the other kids. I was also a little sad to see him walk away from me with so much confidence. I love my Sweet Boy so much!

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