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Sunday, September 7, 2014

First-World Problems

We have two dogs, Swar and Grem. Since we've become a family of three, we have noticed that the dogs are very sensitive to Buddy's mood. This is especially true of Swar. When Buddy is upset, Swar is upset. He will pace, pant and act like a stress-case.

Swar, Buddy and Grem
Last night, I was on my way to bed when I noticed Swar sitting outside of Buddy's room. Normally Swar sleeps beside our bed, but if Buddy is having a rough night Swar will park himself right outside of Buddy's door and keep an eye on him. I hadn't noticed that Buddy was upset, but I went in to check on him. Here's the dialogue we had:

"Buddy, is everything ok?"
"Yep..." Sounding overly happy, which is a tell-tale sign that everything is not ok.
"Because Swar is sitting right outside your door, and he usually only does that if you are upset. Are you sure you don't want to talk about anything?"
"Nope... Well... there is one thing... but it's fine..."

At this point, I braced myself internally. Buddy and I have had lots of big talks at bedtime. They run the gamete of minor stuff that every kid goes through to things that no child should ever experience.

"Well, if you want to talk about it we can, but it is up to you."
"Well... Ok... I'm worried about Christmas and what stuff I should ask for because I want lots of different things and what happens if I ask for lots of stuff and then get the stuff that I only want a bit but don't get the stuff that I really want lots and I don't know what I should ask for because there is so much cool things but I don't know if they will really be cool or if they just look cool..."

I reassured him that as long as he asked politely, the worst thing that could happen is he might not get every thing he asks for. Tomorrow he is going to start a list that he can prioritize, which I think will help calm his nerves.

There will be many, many times we will sit together and talk, or just sit together and not talk, over pretty heavy stuff. Tonight though, my son is experiencing his first first-world problem.

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