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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Tooth Monster

Our dentist suggested we do what is called a "sleep clinic" for Buddy's first cleaning. We knew he had been having some dental pain, but we had no idea the extent of the issue. Buddy went under general anesthetic and had multiple fillings fixed, two caps done and 3 teeth extracted. After that, Buddy definitely was down for the count for a couple of days, partly from the pain and partly from the anesthetic. We felt so bad for him, but thank goodness now his teeth are in great shape.

After his surgery, we asked Buddy if he wanted to leave his teeth for the Tooth Fairy. We weren't sure if he knew what that meant, but didn't expect the reaction we got. Pure terror. We had only been home for about a month at this point, so we had to use Google Translate and some imagination to get to the bottom of it. Do you know what? There is a horror movie about a "Tooth Fairy" who kills people and steals their teeth. And my son has seen it. More than once. Yikes.

So Hubby and I fessed up that #1: the Tooth Fairy not real and #2: we would be the ones leaving money for his teeth. Buddy decided to leave the teeth on the kitchen table for the "Tooth Fairy." In the morning the teeth were gone, the money was there and our little boy believed that we would keep him safe from one of the many monsters he has seen in scary movies. 

Last week, Buddy lost his first tooth naturally since he has been a part of our family. He was very happy to put the tooth under his pillow and see what happened. And in the morning, I heard him exclaim from his room, "Look, money!"

One monster down...

Look, money! I have $3.50!

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