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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making Friends

Buddy is used to not only going to class with his peers, but also spending 100% of his time with them. They would eat, play, work and sleep together. They saw each other at their best and worst. They were not only friends, they were a family.

Now Buddy has separate home and school lives, and a Mom and Dad that he spends a lot of his time with. And he isn't used to making friends that way.

We have watched Buddy around other kids his age, and he is a bit of a creeper. He's still not confident in his spoken English, so he prefers not to speak in unfamiliar social settings.

He tends to lurk in the background of a group of kids and often ignores anyone who tries to engage him.

He gets along better with kids who are younger and more immature. It doesn't help the fact that he is small for his age and people always assume and comment that he looks younger than he is.

Buddy is physically and emotionally delayed and it affects his ability to make friends.

I will say that he is great at making short term connections with kids. He can pal around on a playground or join a game of soccer pretty easily. What he struggles with is actually connecting with his peers.

We work at home to build his confidence and his English proficiency. We enrolled him in public school so he would be surrounded by kids during the day. We take him places in our free time where there are other kids he can play with. We try not to pressure him or make him feel different. Otherwise, I think the rest is up to Buddy.

In his own time.

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