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Friday, October 17, 2014

Soccer Playoffs

Buddy played soccer with our local community club this summer. The team started off on a hot streak but soon began losing the majority of their games. Buddy had never been on a team before, so he was a tentative player who didn't know his place.

His team played until August when rec sports took a month off. During that month, we enrolled Buddy in a sports program with one of our local universities. In that, he took a week of soccer camp. For those 5 days he and other kids his age learned from university students who played on the school's soccer team.

When rec sports started back up in September, it was clear that camp had worked wonders for Buddy's skills and self-confidence. Hubby would text me from his games and report on how well Buddy was playing. When I watched him at a rainy weekend game I was so impressed with how much he had improved.

The final game
This week was Buddy's last game. His team played another group of boys they had consistently lost to. Many of the boys on Buddy's team had become discouraged and several of them had quit. When we showed up to the soccer pitch there were only 8 other players, so there were no substitutes. Each boy had to play the full hour with only one 10 minute intermission.

Buddy played so well! He scored 4 goals, leading his team to a 7-4 win against the opposing team. He cheered on the other boys, passed as much as he shot and didn't rub his goals in the other team's face. I am so pleased at Buddy's growth and, most importantly, I am glad he had the chance to learn about the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play.

Bring on the pizza wind-up!

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