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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Case of the Missing Snow Pants

It's cold where we live. Maybe you're thinking to yourself "oh, me too" but I am going to have to disagree. You don't known cold unless you have spent time in our city. It is C-O-L-D here.

Buddy is not a fan of dressing for the weather, which I have already told you about. Now that it is hovering around -40 degrees, I don't give him a lot of choice in what he wears. The other day he was insistent he didn't need to wear snow pants on his short walk to school, so as a compromise he put them in his backpack. 

That day, Buddy came home with a note from school explaining that someone in his class had lice. The regular after-school routine was abandoned as our lice-prevention plan was rolled out, yet again. Part of the routine that was skipped was Hubby double checking that Buddy remembered to bring everything home from school.

The next day was relatively warm so I let Buddy forgo the snow pants for splash pants. That evening, my two boys were bundling up to shovel snow when we realized that Buddy's snow pants were nowhere to be found. 

I told Buddy that until he brought home his snow pants he wouldn't be able to do any outdoor activities. He looked me in the eye and told me it wasn't his fault they were missing, he brought them home and Hubby must have misplaced them.

I pointed out that IF the snow pants had come home, they would have gone into the dryer with the rest of his school stuff to kill any lice. If he didn't leave them at school, he was the one who would have put them away afterwards. This stumped him. He was caught holding the responsibility, reacted with indignation and refused to accept responsibility.

Hubby played good cop and told Buddy he would pick him up from school the next day and they could look in the lost and found together, just in case. When he showed up at school, Buddy came running out the front door holding the snow pants and flashing the thumbs-up sign.

Hubby and Buddy had a conversation about accepting responsibility. When I got home from work I asked Buddy what he had to say about the situation. He turned his back to me and crossed his arms.

And said "I was wrong."

My jaw hit the floor. He has never admitted that before. Ever. 

I told him how of proud I was of him and gave him a big hug (from behind, because he still wouldn't look at me). We both agreed that the case of the missing snow pants was officially closed.

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