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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hitting the Slopes

Last weekend, we went on a quick ski vacation. 

Friday after work, we loaded up the car and hit the highway. It's a pretty substantial drive from home and we were tired once we got to the hotel. 

Which, coincidentally, was the most random hotel room I have ever stayed in. There were 2 king-sized beds, a small couch facing them and a jacuzzi in the corner. I'm not sure what the person who planned the layout had in mind while doing so. Curious? Check out the picture on my Facebook page!

We got up bright and early Saturday morning, picked up our rental equipment and got Buddy off to his snowboarding lesson. Hubby and I enjoyed the morning skiing together. After Buddy's lesson finished we spend the rest of the day skiing/snowboarding as a family. 

We got up early again Sunday, packed up, checked out of the hotel and headed to the hill. Buddy took another lesson and Hubby and I went off to try out some slightly more advanced runs. We picked Buddy up for lunch, did a few more family runs and then it was time to head home. 

I grew up skiing, but Hubby and Buddy haven't had much experience. I am really impressed with how good they have both gotten in a short time. Buddy's instructor even commented that Buddy is a natural.

The weekend wasn't perfect, but we got to spend a lot of time together, outside, doing something we all enjoy. I'm glad we went, and hope we have solidified it as a family tradition. 

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