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Friday, March 6, 2015

#TakingCare100 Days 31-50

I have official passed the half-way mark in the Twitter #TakingCare100 photo challenge I'm taking part in. If you're interested, you can see my first 10 days here and my next 20 days here. This challenge was started by Three Pink Diamonds and a Blue Sapphire and is a take on the 100 Happy Days photo challenge.

I am really enjoying stopping every day and appreciating the little things I do to take care. All captions are clockwise from the top left.

Day 31: Night to myself as the boys are out. I love Hubby, but I loved @johncusack first. 

Day 32: Tasty snack at the end of a long day.

Day 33: Spent the evening at (possibly) Buddy's school next year. Taking care by knowing our options.

Day 34: I took the day off work & spent a few hours shopping alone for fun. Came close to buying this.

Day 35: @boscia luminizing black facial mask, one of my favourite skincare things to do.

Day 36: Buddy is at his first school dance & Hubby and I are enjoying grown up time. Dexter season 8!

Day 37: On the recommendation of several Tweeps, I got myself an adult coloring book!

Day 38: I had breakfast made for me by a very handsome young man this morning.

Day 39: Fun day #KeepingItRiel with our afam group, completed with sun dogs. http://bit.ly/1BhMI32

Day 40: #ShroveTuesday #FatTuesday #PancakeDay

Day 41: I got my #birchbox subscription box today!

Day 42: Spent the evening with Buddy practicing the Japanese art of paper folding & patience. Success!

Day 43: Finally, after 15 months, a chick flick! #MovieNight #FamilyTime #TGIF #thefaultinourstars

Day 44: Sharing a meal from Buddy's culture w/ extended family. Tired & smell like cabbage but happy.

Day 45: Hubby bought me flowers, just because. Lilies, roses and orchids, my favorites.

Day 46: a co-worker surprised me with breakfast. Not what I'd normally eat, but a thoughtful gesture.

Day 47: These boys. Both hard at work, one at a big deal & one at Minecraft. Like father, like son. <3

Day 48: Lent as a Season of Mindfulness talk @ church tonight. I learned about the 7 sacred teachings.

Day 49: caught Buddy snuggling with Swar.

Day 50: #movienight tradition. Thai and Salt (the movie not the seasoning). #TGIF

Did you start the challenge and get discouraged at some point? Why not pick it up again! And if this is new to you and you're into tweeting, join us in the #TakingCare100 photo challenge. If you aren't following me on Twitter you can find me at @MamaBearPAL.

What are the little things that are making you happy?

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