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Friday, July 10, 2015

Buddy's First Concert

The year was 1990. I loved NKOTB and especially Jordan Knight. My Mom surprised me with tickets to the New Kids on the Block Summer Magic Tour.

My first concert. I will never forget how happy and excited I was to see my favorite band live.

Fast forward 25 years...

A few weeks ago, the seminal punk-rock band Bad Religion came through our city on their most recent tour and we took Buddy to his first concert. We had an awesome time together.

In true punk rock fashion, it was loud and hot inside the all-ages show. In not so true punk rock fashion, we chose to sit instead of getting in the pit. Maybe next time.

We missed a lot of firsts with Buddy. Music means a lot to me, so I'm happy to have been able to share his first concert with him. 
Hubby explaining equipment set-up
Me explaining the concept of a mosh pit
Bad Religion - still amazing after 35 years


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    1. I appreciate any first I can get, but this was a pretty special one!