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Friday, July 3, 2015

Graduation Day

This was Buddy's last week of school. It was also the end of his time at this school. Next year he will move on to a new junior high school.

Last Friday, Hubby and I both took the afternoon off work to attend Buddy's elementary school graduation ceremony. They celebrated the kids' achievements and on top of his end-of-year certificate Buddy also earned a sports award. Afterwards there was cake and punch for the students and their families.

The graduating students were free to leave school early. Buddy loves his school so much he decided to stay until the end of the day. What kid wants to be in school when he doesn't have to be? We are so thankful to the school for making the last year-and-a-half so enjoyable for Buddy.

School had a rocky start. We made the hard choice to switch schools mid-year and it worked out well for all of us. 

Buddy was initially assessed between kindergarten to grade 3 when he started school in November of 2013. He finished his current school year working at grade level getting mostly 3s and 4s on a 4-point scale. He still struggles with problem solving and critical thinking, but the progress he has made is remarkable. 

While there are a lot of factors that contributed to Buddy's success, I have to hand it to his school. Especially his teacher, Mr. Black, who found the perfect balance between understanding Buddy's unique needs and helping him achieve his potential. He was also very willing to listen and learn from us, just like we were from him. Together, the four of us made a great academic team.

We are all nervous about Buddy moving schools next year. He doesn't like new places or new people and still isn't able to handle the stress associated with them in totally healthy ways. But we are in a better place for him to succeed now than we were about 2 years ago when he was first adopted. 

We will all miss Mr. Black, Buddy in particular. But an open invitation has been extended to Buddy to come back and visit any time. Especially if he ever needs someone to talk to about anything.

There really is no replacement for a good school and a great teacher.

We are so proud of our young man and excited to see what the next chapter will bring.

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