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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Thoughts on Buddy's Thoughts on Adoption

The Adoption Social has list of "interview with and adopted child" questions on their site. I read a few of their interviews awhile ago, but at the time there was no way Buddy was ready for such a frank talk about adoption.

Last weekend, Buddy was bored and looking for something to do. I figured I'd give it a shot and offer him the chance to answer the questions and be a guest blogger. He was eager to give it a go.

Since Buddy sometimes feels pressured when answering questions face-to-face, I wrote them out for him to take outside and answer privately. When he was finished, we read it over together and I asked a few follow up questions to fill some gaps. He was very open, engaged and willing to discuss his feelings.

I'm actually shocked at how insightful and honest Buddy's answers are. I'm also really impressed with his reading comprehension and writing skills. This kid has been using English for less than two years!

What do I think about Buddy's thoughts on adoption and being adopted?

I think that Buddy is allowed to feel how ever he does about adoption and being adopted! But I am glad that we have come to a place where he feels safe discussing it with me.

I got a lot out of the activity, and I hope Buddy did, too. The more we talk about his adoption, the more comfortable we get.

My favorite part of the questionnaire is this:
What would you tell someone who didn't know much about adoption or being adopted? That it's scary at first but later it gets better and better.

I love my Sweet Boy!

If you're interested in checking out Buddy's thoughts on adoption and being adopted, follow this link. I think it's a great read!

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