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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Funday 4

I have decided to take Sunday off work and spend time with my family. Here's what I got up this time:

6:09 AM: Wake up in Buddy's bed. Oops - must have fallen asleep last night by accident. Get up and go back to my real bed for a few more hours sleep.

9:37 AM: Wake up to crashing and banging in the kitchen. Buddy's making breakfast. I love my boys, but they are not the quietest people on earth.

10:00 AM: Hubby comes home from the grocery store with a toasted graham latte for me. Buddy and I sit down to eat breakfast and catch up on some Good Mythical Morning we missed this past week.

10:37 AM: A relaxing morning of online shopping, nail painting and Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

12:05 PM: Buddy goes out to ride bikes with the neighborhood kids, Hubby heads off to his parents' house. He's the best man in his brother's wedding this afternoon.

12:34 PM: Time for me to start getting ready. I wish I'd asked Hubby his opinion on what to wear before he left. Too many choices!

2:01 PM: I end up turning to Twitter for outfit help. Green dress it is.

2:57 PM: Buddy and I make it to the venue for some pre-ceremony family pictures. Hubby looks very handsome in his tux and Buddy looks great in his new wedding outfit. Too bad it probably won't fit by the time the next special occasion comes around. The kid is growing like a weed!

4:00 PM: Time for the wedding! The weather is beautiful, the venue is charming and everything goes perfectly. The sun comes out from behind the clouds just as the bride starts down the isle and the light shower (rain on the wedding day is good luck!) during the vows is almost like a scene from a movie.

4:24 PM: My favorite weddings are short and sweet. Bring on the dinner and dancing! It's a Thanksgiving themed reception with apple cider, a turkey dinner and pumpkin pie in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. Yum! And to make it that much more fun, a 90s themed dance party follows!

10:03 PM: Buddy hits the wall so he and I head for home. Hubby stays behind to celebrate with his family and be the designated driver.

11:20 PM: After watching an episode of Lost (that leaves both Buddy and I a bit lost) and a snack, I tuck Buddy in and retire with a book (still A Walk Across the Sun,  it's slow going) to try and stay up until Hubby comes home. I'm so tired that I doubt I'll make it, though.

I hope you had a good weekend. Good night!

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