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Friday, September 2, 2016

3 Years

Three years ago today, Hubby and I met Buddy for the first time. In honour of our Metcha Day anniversary, I am re-posting this from Nov 30, 2014

Hubby and I went through a blind adoption process. We had no idea of the age, gender, or number of children we would adopt, or even if we would be successful after everything was said and done. We were approved to adopt 1 to 2 healthy children, anywhere from the ages of 0 to 10. I had an image in my head of our family complete with a 9 year old girl and a 6 year old boy, for whatever reason.

Once we traveled and met with our in-country facilitators and had our first appointment it became clear that our criteria was a bit narrow. Not impossible, but we hadn't gone through the whole process to gamble while in the home stretch. So we underwent the difficult task of having our criteria changed while out of our home country. We figured it was more important to become parents to a real kid than stay stuck to an imaginary picture.

Thank goodness for our wonderful agency, social worker, an in-country facilitators. They basically busted their butts to get everything done for us as quickly as possible. While we waited, we decided to look at our time as an international getaway and did lots of sight seeing, food sampling, and culture immersing. We actually had a blast!

The night before our second appointment we learned that our facilitator had pretty much forced our newly amended, translated and approved dossier into the hands of the woman we would be meeting with the next morning. Our new criteria was for 1 to 3 children with up to moderate health conditions between the ages of 0 to 13. We said a prayer and went to bed hoping for the best.

The second time we met with the government adoption agency was nerve wracking. We were stressed out and nervous to say the least. Would the woman accept the new dossier or would she insist on using the old one? Would our changes be enough or would it all be for naught? How long would we have to wait for another appointment if we weren't successful this time?
And then we were handed a 1.5 page write-up and picture of a beautiful little boy. A single boy. A healthy boy. A boy who was under 11 (remember our initial criteria...). It was Buddy.

Then we were told that day was the first day he was available to be adopted internationally. If we hadn't waited for new documents to have our second appointment we wouldn't have seen Buddy's file.

How amazing is that?

We later found out that Buddy had started down the road to adoption at the exact same time we did, all the way on the other side of the world. It was the missing piece of why we felt such a strong desire to adopt.

I don't believe that God plans for children to be orphaned. The best place for every child is in a loving home with their first family. But I do believe that when this was no longer an option for Buddy, God helped bring us together to make the next best thing. Every road block, delay, snafu, happened so that we would all be at the same place at the same time.
As silly as it may sound to some, everything happened for a reason.

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