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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Buddy's New Bedroom

I've written about Buddy's old bedroom in our previous house. We moved at the end of 2015 and Buddy got a new bedroom. Obviously...

We initially moved all Buddy's old furniture into his new room, but the plan was always to let Buddy design his room the way he wanted it. Hubby and I exercised veto power over the request for all black walls, ceiling and trim but in the end we came to a compromise. Black furniture, including a loft bed, with green accents. And a couch.

The first step was to patch the numerous holes the previous owners' child had made in the walls. And remove the random toys from the vents. And peel a reflector off one wall and fix the damage that made... Anyways, once that was done, we painted all the walls a green so light it is almost white. When that dried, I taped 4 parallel bands of painters tape that was 2 different thicknesses all around the room. I did this free-hand, and occasionally checked that the bands were even all the way around using a tape measure.

The wall treatment I did was inspired by this video (caution, annoying music alert!):

Buddy picked out a bright green accent colour, and I followed the plastic wrap demo pretty much, except I had to free-hand using a brush in the corners where the roller couldn't reach. Once that dried, I carefully peeled off the painters tape. I'm pretty happy with the results and Buddy thinks it looks awesome.

Then came the time to assemble all the bedroom furniture that we had purchased from Ikea. This was a 2 day project between Hubby and I, and we didn't even have to assemble everything because some furniture we re-purposed from other areas of the house. Putting the loft bed together took a day in itself. We finished with minimal bickering, so I feel pretty secure in our marriage. Once everything was put together, Buddy helped with the finishing touches.

I think the room turned out amazing and Buddy loves it. As an added bonus, we can no longer see Buddy's unmade bed so there is one less source of fighting in the house. Hubby has also taken to tossing any random junk Buddy leaves lying around up onto his bed.

If you're interested, this is the furniture and accessories we got for Buddy, or similar to what we already had at home to re-use:

- Buddy's bed and bedding:

- Buddy's couch area:

- Storage and other accessories:
(the dark green ones don't appear to be available at the moment, but this is a similar style of curtain we bought)

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